Anthony's Story

       When I first meet with JD I just came off of having 3 major surgeries on my left leg. I had spiral shattered my fibula and broke the whole back of my tibia. The first surgery was to put a 6 inch plate and 6 screws in. The second was an emergency surgery for infection a month later. Then, a month after that, they had to go back in to take it all back out because my body rejected the metal. So I was pretty  much a mess.
      When I first started working out with JD I was about 210 lbs.
For the first 2 months, we worked alot with kettlebells, mainly because of my leg. He never once gave me an easy workout. He always pushed me as far as he could. He had me doing things that I never thought I could do if I were in shape, let alone coming off of an injury. If I could not do a movement, he would have me do something I could do and still work that part of my body just as hard, if not harder.
      One of things that I really liked about JD was that I was not just another client, a faceless person to pretend like he cared about or act like he was listening to what I was saying. He became a friend the first time we met, and to this day, I still think of him as one of my closest friends.
   I can remember my doctor telling me I wasn't allowed to do impact training for a year and half, but with in about 4 months of training with JD I was able to run a mile and half in 10 minutes with out any pain or being uncomfortable. With in the first year, I was stronger, faster and leaner then I have ever been in my life.
       The moment he introduced me to Crossfit I was hooked. Ever workout was another way for me to tap into my adrenalin and push my self to the limit.
      I remember the first Crossfit WOD I ever did was Cindy (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats as may round as possible in 20 min). I got to the 13th round and about threw up and passed out at the same time, but still had time left and was ready to fall over, but JD was right there saying your not done yet keep it going.
   About two weeks after that, he asked me if I would like to start training with 2 other guys. I told him sure. That's when I met Tyler and Brian. I found out then that you tend to push harder when you have another person next to you doing the same stuff you are. The competitiveness in you takes over. So you give that extra that you normally wouldn't give by yourself.

       I can't say thank you enough for everything, JD. Not only are my coach, but you truly are a good friend.
330 Weaver Rd #100
Florence KY 41042 (view larger map)