Mission Statement

We value strength.  In every form and capacity.  Without strength,  we are frail, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  The human machine was born out of a need for strength, and we are hard wired for such work.  

We encourage pushing limits.  All preconceived notions of a persons capacities will be challenged, as you will learn what you are really capable of physically.

We embrace the science behind the training.  The system we use is backed by over 80 years of science.  We measure everything, and track each movement.  This yields far greater results, and produces a much more positive lifting experience.

We strive for competition.  Not in the daily, 'i'm the king of the whiteboard' way, but where it matters most; On the playing field, on the platform, or at the event.
330 Weaver Rd #100
Florence KY 41042 (view larger map)